Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer


I have been on the hunt for “the one” concealer for awhile now, and I finally have found it!

Several weeks ago I decided to take a stroll through the makeup aisle in search of a new concealer.  I had been out for weeks and needed some for underneath my eyes.  I decided to pick up the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer.  This was a risky move since I hadn’t read or watched any reviews on this particular product.  But at $4.97, I thought it was worth a try!


I love the formula of this concealer!  It is by far better than the Revlon ColorStay I was using.  It is thick, but not too thick.  This concealer covers any darkness underneath my eyes without being too heavy or creasing throughout the day.  The packaging claims it lasts for up to 13 hours and I would agree.  And y’all know I am not good at reapplying anything, so I only set it with powder when first applied and it looks good all day!


The only con I can say about his product is the small brush applicator tip.  If you read my review on the Maybelline Instant Rewind concealer, you know I am not a fan of built in applicators.  I feel like they are a great place for bacteria.  However, if I had to choose a built in applicator I would choose a brush over a sponge.  I can use a makeup remover wipe to help clean the brush.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a affordable drugstore option. You won’t be disappointed!

If you have tried this concealer, I would love to know your thoughts.  What is your favorite drugstore concealer?


Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm


This would definitely qualify as one of those “YouTube made me buy it” products.  I was watching Ingrid Nilsen’s video “5 Steps for Clear Skin”.  This product caught eye because it literally melted her makeup off her face!

I decided to go to my local Belk and get a sample last weekend to give it a try.  I wear a lot of eye makeup (especially mascara) and sometimes it is a struggle to get everything off without being too harsh.  When I saw Ingrid’s mascara literally melt off, I knew I needed to try this product.  I used the sample for about a week and I was very impressed.


The cleansing balm is a solid that changes to an oil when you rub it between your fingertips and face.  Although it changes into an oil, it does not feel heavy or greasy.  It leaves you face feeling clean and makeup free.  After I use this to get off all the makeup from the day, I use my Mary Kay TimeWise Cleansing Bar to clean my skin.


The product retails for $29.00.  This is costly, however I think this will last me several months.  I also looked for a drugstore comparison to try out as well.  My online search results brought up the Pixie Nourishing Cleansing Balm, but it retails for $20.00.  I also found that NYX has a Stripped Off Cleansing Balm for $14.00.  If this one is similar that would be a great price savings.  However, there is no retailer near me that sales this product for me to try.  For now I will stick with Clinique and see how long it lasts.  I am still hoarding up gift cards from Christmas, so I only had to pay 96 cents out of pocket for this one from Belk!

Have you tried a cleansing balm??

If I Organized a Beauty Blogger Panel…Who Would it Be


Eventbrite is the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world that helps people find and plan events.  I was recently inspired by them to talk about my ideal of the perfect panel of bloggers.

Since I am primarily a beauty blogger, below is a list of just a few of the beauty bloggers that I would love to set down with and talk all things beauty.

  • Styled by McKenz – I love to read McKenzie’s fashion posts.  When it comes to fashion she has an eye for style and good bargains.  Whether it is casual or dressy, she has you covered!
  • Her Quarters – Amy does amazing reviews of many different products.  I enjoy reading her reviews and learning about new products on the market.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Designer – I started reading this blog when she was writing about her recent wedding, which was beautiful.  I love reading her posts to see what things she is into at the moment.
  • Beauty by a Dutch Girl – I love reading Anne’s beauty product reviews, especially since she uses a lot of drugstore products!
  • Healthy Glow – This blog does a great job of reviewing a good mix of high end and drugstore products.

If I were to moderate this panel of lovely ladies, here are a few questions I would be sure to ask:

  1. What made you want to start a blog?
  2. When did you first become interested in beauty/fashion?
  3. What is your favorite brand of makeup/clothing?
  4. How do you describe your style?
  5. Who/What is your fashion inspiration?
  6. If you had to live with only one beauty product, what would it be?
  7. I have a post on my blog called, My Makeup Story, and it talks about my journey with using makeup.  What would be your Makeup Story?
  8. What is your ideal of the perfect day?

I think once we all got talking we could go on for hours.  This is one reason that I started my blog, to communicate with a community of people that share the same interests.

I have seen several beauty bloggers I follow on YouTube participate in conference panels like this.  They always seem to have a great time and it is interesting to see how they answer certain questions. Doing this post has made me think about how great it would be to actually get to meet some of the bloggers I follow in person. The beauty bloggers I mentioned above live in all different places.  It would be difficult to get even a few of us in the same place, but if ever possible it would be a blast!

If you are thinking about planning a conference or event in your area, check out Eventbrite’s online registration page!





Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast


I received a this sample in my March Sephora Play! monthly subscription box.  Can I just say I really love this stuff?!  I have already used this entire sample!

This spray adds texture and a light hold to my hair which is what I love.  I want my style to stay all day, but I don’t want my hair to be stiff or sticky from hairspray.  This product does just that!

The smell of this is just amazing!  I would have to keep myself from spraying too much just to smell it.

Unfortunately, the price tag is a little steep.  A full size retails for $29.00.  To be honest, I don’t think I would spend that much on this product.  Not because it doesn’t work, but because I would go through it way too fast.  I can’t see giving $29.00 when I can get the same results, except for the amazing smell, from my Not Your Mother’s Double Take Dry Finish Texture Spray.  Not that the NYM smells bad, I just like the Living Proof better, but not enough to pay the price.

Silicone Foundation Applicator


In theory you would think this applicator would be the best option.  It is made of silicone so it is very easy to wash before each use.  However, I have found myself going back to my brush and beauty blender.  Why?  Although this applicator is flexible, it is difficult to apply foundation around my nose and underneath my eyes.  Especially around my nose piercing.  If you are curious about my nose piercing experience, click here!


Using a patting motion, it applies my foundation well all over my face except for these hard to reach areas.  But I also feel like it takes longer to buff in my foundation using this applicator compared to the beauty blender or brush.

I am a little disappointed with this tool.  I was really hoping this would be my new go-to applicator since I could wash it before each use.

Has anyone else tried a silicone applicator?



Why I Drink Only Water…..Mostly


Years ago I only drank soda, or pop as I would call it.  I hated water and could not bring myself to drink it at all.  Boy have things changed!

Several years ago I was diagnosed with acid reflux.  After doing some research I found that one of the triggers for acid reflux is caffeine, so I decided to cut caffeine out of my diet.  I first started by drinking clear drinks like Sprite and 7 Up.  But eventually I started working in water with lemon to cut down on my sugar intake too.  Now water is basically all that I drink, with or without lemon.  I will have the occasional Sprite or 7 Up, but I try to limit those to once a week or less.

If I am weak and do drink more than one pop in a week, I can tell a big difference. Although it tastes so good at the time, it makes me feel bad.  My stomach will become bloated and I feel sluggish, but the more sugar I drink the more I want.  As a result, I have learned that when there are times I have to eat fast food, I can replace the fountain soft drink with a bottled water.

Water is so much better for me and I am glad that for the most part that is all that I drink. Drinking water helps my body stay hydrated and help flush out toxins in my body.  I also know that drinking water is great for my skin.

Some of my friends can’t understand how I only drink water all the time, especially for breakfast.  But it is like anything else, it is all in what you get used to.

How much water do you drink?

Mini Sephora Haul!


I finally decided to use some of a gift card I had been hanging onto.  Here is what I decided to buy:

  • Urban Decay single eye shadow in YDK
  • Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer
  • Benefit They’re Real! mascara


I have had the YDK eye shadow by Urban Decay in my hand to buy so many times!  This is my favorite color from the Naked 2 palette and the only color that I completely used up!  However, at $19 for one shadow I have always put it back since I couldn’t justify the price.  Especially considering I do not have a shortage when it comes to eye shadows to use.  But since I had a gift card and this was always something I went back to time and time again, I decided to splurge on it.


A long time ago, I asked a friend that works at Sephora what was her favorite eye shadow primer.  She gave me a sample of the 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer from Smashbox.  At first I didn’t like it because I felt like it made it too difficult to blend out my shadow.  However, when I started letting it set for a few minutes before applying shadow I began to love it.  The sample she gave me lasted me months!  It has a thick consistency so it only takes a small amount to cover each eye.  My shadow literally does not move until I take it off!  This tube is a little pricey at $21.00, however this tube should last me at least 6 months or more.


Recently, one of my favorite products to try out has been mascaras.  Lately I have tried the Too Faced Better than Sex, which I love, and the Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam that is supposed to be it’s dupe.  I did a test not long ago to see if people could tell the difference between the two, you can check that out here.  I have also been trying the samples that have come in my Play! Sephora box.  At $24 a tube, Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara has great reviews so I decided to give it a try next.  I haven’t opened it yet because I am still using both the Better than Sex and Rimmel.  I didn’t want to have too many open at once so they don’t dry out too fast.  I can’t wait to give this a try though.  Keep an eye out for my thoughts in a review post coming soon.

Hope you enjoyed my little haul!  I still have a little left on my gift card and haven’t quite decided what my next splurge will be, but I will be sure to let you know.