Sporty Chic

I was inspired by Adore Me about doing a blog post of my athleisure must-haves this spring.

When working out, I have a few staple pieces that keep me feeling comfortable and looking sporty chic.

Sporty Chic

Black leggings are my number one go-to piece.  They are so easy to style, comfortable, and help my legs look long and lean.  Since I stay basic with my bottoms, I like to wear a tank with a cute message.  Tanks keep me cool during my workout and stylish.  For the bra I keep it comfortable, supportive and colorful.  Next is the most important part, the shoes.  You gotta make sure the shoes are stylin’ but don’t forget the importance of support and comfort.  I go for a black shoe, so it matches whatever I may be wearing that day, with a good arch for my feet.  With my shoes I like to wear low-cut thin socks.

Other than clothing, I always wear my fitbit to keep track of my exercise activity.  You would be amazed how many steps you can get in a hour Zumba class!  While working out you also have to stay hydrated, so I bring along my colorful Vera Bradley water bottle.

Not only do I wear athletic outfits similar to this to Zumba class, but I have also been known to be sporty chic while doing some grocery shopping.

Activewear is fun and very comfortable.  You can dress it up by adding some jewelry for those casual days out you just want to be comfortable.

I hope you have enjoyed this look into my athletic must haves for spring.  What are a few of yours?


Fitness Tracker or is it just another bracelet?


Fitness trackers are very popular.  Many people wear them and they are a great way to keep up with your daily activity.  My employer offers health programs often that you can participate in for an incentive.  My fitness tracker is a great way for me to log my activity to meet the requirements for some extra cash in my pocket.

I love bracelets and apparently it shows because I received four for Christmas this year, all from different people.  There was something about wearing my beautiful bracelets and then putting on my fitness tracker with the thick rubber arm band.  It just didn’t look right.  I started not wanting to wear my tracker, which makes it hard to log my activity for some extra cash.

I had a meeting with a girl about a month or so ago and noticed a bracelet she was wearing.  It was silver, but it looked like it had a small screen.  I asked her about it and turns out it was a fitness tracker in disguise!  It was the Fitbit Alta and she had purchased a fashion band to use instead of the standard rubber arm band.

I did some research and decided to purchase one as a small present to myself.  I received it this week and have been very happy with it.  It does everything my previous tracker did and more.  It tracks inactivity, steps, calories burned, active minutes, distance traveled, and sleep.  But it also links to my phone so that, when my phone is near, I can receive text messages and see who is calling.  I find this feature helpful if I am in meetings and can’t look at my phone.

The best part is, it doesn’t look like the typical fitness band!


Props to anyone that noticed the paw sticking out underneath my hand 🙂 

I purchased my Fitbit Alta from Best Buy for $129.95.  This was the average price about anywhere I looked online (and believe me I looked a lot of places), plus Best Buy was offering free two day shipping.  The gold bangle band I got from Amazon for $32.90.

I can also say it seems to be very accurate.  Last night I went to a thirty minute step class before going to Zumba class that lasts an hour.  My active minutes yesterday was tracked at 92 minutes.  You can’t get much more accurate than that!


Favorite OOTW


Our holiday luncheon at work was Monday so I thought I would try to look a little festive.  I really don’t own any holiday sweaters, so I pulled out this red top.  I paired it with an infinity scarf to add some print.  Of course I also had to rock the red lip too!

  • Infinity scarf: Charming Charlie
  • Top: Cato
  • Leggings: I have had these so long, I have no idea the brand or where I purchased them.  I really need some new leggings.
  • Boots: Payless Shoes



This was this week’s casual day outfit.  Super comfy and warm!

  • Vest: Jane Ashley
  • Sweater: American Eagle
  • Jeans: American Eagle Skinny Jeans
  • Boots: Payless Shoes

I am now on holiday break so my outfits will mostly consist of lounge wear and pajamas.  I am looking forward to catching up on some reading and Fuller House Season 2 on Netflix.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!


Favorite OOTW

The weather here got cold the end of this week with the high in the 30s during the day and the low at night around 18 degrees!  My office is also in the coldest part of our building so I wanted to layer up to make sure I stayed warm.

I layered a long tank under my sweater to cover my bum and help keep me warm.  I also thought the bottom added some needed color to my outfit.  The tank looks like shorts in the photo, but the wind was blowing a little and it just wouldn’t cooperate.


  • Sweater – Rue 21
  • Tank – Rue 21
  • Blanket Scarf – This came from a local craft market I attended back in November.  Click here to read more about it! 
  • Leggings – These are actually more like extra thick tights and are very warm.  I have had them so long I don’t have any clue where I got them. 
  • Boots – Maurices

It has honestly gotten to the point that I wear leggings to work more days than not.  They are just so comfortable and easy to style.  Does anyone else find themselves living in leggings?







Favorite OOTW: American Eagle Love


I am lucky enough to work in a department that lets us have “jean day” every Friday.  I absolutely love jeans, especially American Eagle jeans.  This Friday I was decked out in American Eagle from head to toe!


I got this sweater last year on clearance after the seasons had changed.  I hadn’t gotten to wear it until recently, it is so comfy and warm.  My favorite jeans of all time are the dark wash skinny jeans.  I got my boots online last year after Christmas on clearance and wear them constantly.  The are so warm and easy to slip on.  I sprayed them with some Scotchgard to help prevent stains and keep my feet dry.

My cousin is in her high school marching band and she has four parades this weekend.  This outfit is so warm that it, plus my big puffy coat and American Eagle toboggan, has been my parade outfit for the entire weekend.   I got the toboggan in my after Christmas online shopping spree last year too.  I can’t wait to see what great deals they are going to have this year!


I think it is safe to say that American Eagle is my favorite brand.  It can be be expensive, but if you watch the clearance section and watch for sales like their BOGO on jeans, you can save a lot.

What is your favorite clothing brand?  Are you an American Eagle fan?


Best Workout Pants Ever! – Under Armour Compression Pants

I am obsessed with Zumba!  I attend class 2 to 3 times a week.  You can read more about my obsession here.

I have several pair of workout pants but this one is my absolute favorite.


I can’t believe how much workout pants cost.  Even at places like TJ Maxx and Ross they can be pricey.  I lucked up one day and found these Under Armour compression pants on the clearance rack at Belk.  They had been marked down to $15 or $16.  I have had them for awhile and can’t remember exactly.  But I do remember that I happened to have a $10 off coupon that day so I only gave $6 or so for them!

These pants are great!  Since they are compression pants, they keep things from moving too much while I am getting my groove on in class.  The only con I have found is they can be really hot to wear in the summertime.  But it gets extra hot in the aerobics room that we are in because it is so small.

I would love to find another pair of these on clearance, but no luck yet.  I am keeping my eyes out for another pair everywhere I go, especially this Black Friday.

Zumba class has been cancelled this week because they are refinishing the floors of the aerobic rooms.  This is bad timing for me.  Between not going at all this week, being off from work, and eating way too much on Thanksgiving tomorrow that first class back is going to be extra tough.

Does anyone have a favorite workout piece or brand?  Have you tried Zumba?  If  you haven’t, let me warn you that it is addictive!


Favorite OOTW

If I am having a good outfit day I feel like I can conquer the world, or at list mark a few more things off my list at work.

Here are a few of my “feeling confident” outfits of this week:


This entire outfit, even down to the boots, came from Peebles.  I used to work here years ago, so I shop there quite a bit.  Plus they always usually have great coupons!

Top – Wishful Park

Pants – Celebrity Pink

Boots – I honestly don’t know the brand. I have had them so long the brand name has rubbed off.



This was the most comfortable outfit all week!  I am usually not one to mix and match different patterns, but I decided to get out of my comfort zone.  I think it worked.  This is one of my absolute favorite scarfs.  One of the best things about it, I got it on clearance for $5!

Infinity Scarf – Charming Charlie

Cardigan – Worthington

Top – Rue 21

Leggings – No idea!  They are really more like really thick tights and I have had them forever.

Boots – I don’t know the name brand of these either.  But I got them a couple of Black Fridays ago from Payless shoe store.


As of yesterday, I am officially on vacation until after Thanksgiving!  I will be wearing a lot of lounge wear the next few days while decorating for Christmas and enjoying some time off.  Then it will be time for Thanksgiving Day and then Black Friday!  I haven’t been Black Friday shopping a couple of years so I am excited.

Anyone else going Black Friday shopping?