Revlon ColorStay Gel: 2 Steps to Total Gel Envy


I love the look of a gel manicure.  However, I don’t like what it does to my nails.  Anytime I have had a gel manicure it has ruined my nails by making them dry, brittle, and thin.  It can also get expensive to keep up at a salon with the cost ranging anywhere from $20 to $40.

I have been on the lookout for a good drugstore option that doesn’t require a UV or LED light but claims to give the same salon look.  I ran across this Revlon ColorStay Gel Polish set in Walmart and decided to give it a try.  The cost was very affordable at only $8.73.  I applied two coats of the color plus base and one coat of the diamond top coat.  Both the color and top coat dried really fast.  This is a big plus for me because I do not have the patience to wait for polish to dry.  I got the color Royal Flush and this is what it looked like when first applied:


This what it looks like after a week:


Although it did get dull towards the end and started wearing on the edges, I am really impressed with this polish!  As you can see it wore off my middle finger the worst.  But in its defense, my nail is peeling so technically the polish was staying on the nail.

One suggestion after taking it off would be to use another base coat.  The instructions say you don’t have to because it is built it, but I noticed it had already started discoloring my nail.

I had to work at it, but I was able to remove the polish with regular polish remover.

I will definitely be purchasing more colors!  I also think if I had applied another coat of the top coat mid-week it would have done even better.



Nailing It….With Essie and Orly!

Right now I am in an “always have to have my nails painted” phase.


Here are the products I used or this mani:


Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat – This is by far the best basecoat I have ever used!  You can feel the rubberized texture it leaves to apply your nail color.  My polish will normally last about a week!

Essie Nail Color in Sand Tropez – This is the perfect nude color!  It matches everything and I think it would work with many skin tones.

Orly Sec ‘N Dry Quick-Dry Topcoat – My saving grace!  Before getting this I used to always mess up my nails before they had time to dry.  I never paint my nails without a bottle of this stuff.  They literally dry in seconds and I can go about my day.

Now to figure out next week’s color!!



Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio & Acqua di Gioia

A few months ago I got a 20% coupon to Belk that worked on cologne and perfume.  It had been a long time since either of us had bought a high end smell for ourselves.  I had been wearing body sprays from Bath and Body Works and my husband had been using Old Spice. So I decided to take advantage of this coupon since they are a rarity.

I got him a bottle of his signature scent, Acqua Di Gio.  Since I love the men’s so much, I decided to try out the Acqua di Gioia.


This is by far my absolute favorite cologne!  It is not too strong and smells light, fresh, and clean.  The description says it has citrus notes along with woody notes of oak moss, satinwood, and amber.  The scent lasts all day and you can even smell it on his shirts the next day!

The smell of the women’s is much like the men’s with a light and clean smell minus the masculine notes.  According to the description the notes include a mojito-inspired blend of crushed mint leaves warmed by brown sugar and missed with zest of Italian Limone.  It also includes feminine floral notes of Jasmine, Peony and traces of pink pepper, along with woody notes of cedar wood and Labdanum.

I really do like the smell of this perfume, however, I am disappointed in it’s intensity and ability to last.  I feel like you can smell it when I first put it on in the mornings but then it dissipates quickly.  I use three to four sprays each morning.  I don’t notice the smell on my clothes the next day either like I do the men’s version.

The men’s is and has been a repurchase for us.  A couple of sprays is all he needs to smell amazing all day.  However, I probably will not repurchase mine.  I don’t want a perfume to be too strong, but I do want it to last all day and I don’t feel this does that.

Leave me a comment ….I would love to know your favorite perfume or cologne!



St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse


The best self tanner I have EVER used!!  No seriously, I am not joking!  A friend of mine introduced me to this product about a month ago.  One day I noticed her tan and complimented her on how natural it looked.  I thought for sure she was going to the spray tan booth, but no, her secret was this….the St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse.  I immediately got on Sephora’s website to check out the price.  Oh no, $42 for an 8 oz bottle, plus $6.50 for the applicator mitt!  I can’t spend that much money on self tanner!!  Then I remembered, I had some money left on a Sephora gift card my husband had gotten me for Valentine’s Day.  It wasn’t enough to pay for the entire purchase, but it would take some of the sting away at the checkout counter.

The next morning I applied my first coat after getting out of the shower.  My first thought was, oh my goodness, this stuff smells amazing!!  And it does.  I have never tried a self tanner that did not have “that” smells to it.  You know the smell, the one that sticks to your sheets for days and it seems like no matter how much perfume or body spray you use it is all you can smell.  Well this product doesn’t have that at all when applying, it actually smells good!  I will say the only time I ever get even a slight whiff of “that” smell is when I am sweating it out in Zumba class.  The color goes on amazingly too!  The mitt is a must!  I believe this is a big key to why this tanner looks so natural.  I pump it onto the mitt and rub it in circular motion to the areas I want to tan.  One tip in applying is to use some lotion before.  I have done it both ways and for me it goes on better when I hydrate my skin a little first.  When I first purchased it, I applied it 3 days in a row to get my color built up.  Now I apply it about every other day, sometimes skipping an extra day here and there.  I wish I had some before and after photos to show you how amazing this product really is.  My dad even asked my mom one day if I had been laying in the tanning bed!

Although the price tag on this product is high, I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a good self tanner.  I am hoping the bottle I purchased lasts me through the summer..  That is one con…you really can’t tell how much you have left in the bottle.  But nevertheless, this will be a repurchase for me, whether it be this summer or next.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I heard you can wash out the applicator mitt with antibacterial soap and reuse it.  I am going to give it a try, but at $6.50, it won’t hurt too bad if I need to buy another when mine gets too gross.