My Healthy Lifestyle Change

Hey guys!  I thought I would drop in and let you know what I have been up to this summer.  Other than enjoying the beautiful weather and flowers, I have decided to make a lifestyle change.  I had been complaining to my friends for months that I always felt so bloated and huge all the time.  I finally decided the only why to change the way I felt was to make changes to my lifestyle.

I had gotten into a real bad habit of eating sugary sweets everyday and sometimes multiple times a day.  Anything chocolate or sour gummy worms were my big weaknesses.  Although I was still mostly only drinking water, I was eating horrible.  I was eating a lot of frozen pizzas, frozen dinners, cheese fries, and canned foods.  These foods have a lot of sodium, which will increase water retention and bloating.  I finally got to the point that I wanted to make a change to feel healthy and just better about myself.

The first thing was to change my eating habits.  I decided to cut out my sugary weaknesses and became more mindful of nutrition labels.  Before I never even looked at the nutrition labels, I just simply ate it.

In doing research on how to change my diet and the foods I eat, I read multiple times to always stick to the perimeter of the grocery store.  Buying mostly fresh produce, meats, and dairy products.  I only get a few items from isles these days that include granola, whole grains, and nuts.  The reason you want to focus more on the outside of the store is because the isles are where most of the processed foods live with higher sodium contents and other less nutritious ingredients.

I am sure everyone has heard that eating healthy is more expensive.  After changing my eating habits for about a month now, I would agree with that statement.  However, there are ways to help the budget and lower your grocery bill.  One thing I have been doing is getting up on Saturday mornings and going to local farmer’s markets.  It is a great way to get your produce at a cheaper price.  Plus a lot of times they will throw in extras if you buy several items.  This is my produce haul from a last week and I spent only $15 in total!


I got so much last week that I didn’t need to buy as much yesterday so I only spent $5 total.  I didn’t take a picture but I got 2 green peppers, 5 cucumbers, a lot of sweet banana peppers, a few hot peppers, and a tomato.  Someone I know also grew some zucchini and had way more than they could eat so she gave me some.  Score!

As far as meats go, I buy more when items are on sale.  For example, my husband and I eat a lot of chicken.  So when it is on sale I buy more than usual and freeze it.  Then we will work the rest of our meal plans around other meats on sale for that week.

Another lifestyle change I have made is adding more to my exercise routine.  I am still doing Zumba at least two to three times a week, but I have started working out everyday in some capacity.  Whether it be walking the dogs in the afternoon or going to the gym before work to get in a 30 minute workout in, I have been making more of an effort to get active everyday.  I never thought I would be someone who could workout before going into the office at 8, but I have surprised myself!  I have been doing this about two days a week and it really does get your day going.  I feel better for the rest of the day and don’t have to worry when I am going to fit in my exercise.  Plus it doesn’t take time away from being at home in the evenings with my family.

I made this picture comparison yesterday, a month after making my healthy lifestyle change.  I can tell a difference in how my clothes feel and how much better I feel, but after seeing this picture I am even more motivated.


For me it is not about being skinny, but feeling healthy.  I am still figuring some things out when it comes to food and how to eat.  I started out counting calories with the MyFitnessPal app, and while that helped tremendously, it became cumbersome to log in all my foods.  I found it hard to log foods we make at home because I would have to enter each ingredient, and we cook at home a lot.  But what this app did do for me was make me more aware of serving sizes.  I also need to do more research on macros.  I know that a balanced meal and snack should include a lean protein, healthy fat, and a carbohydrate.  But sometimes I find this to be hard and confusing.

I will say this change is and has been fun and challenging.  I love the results I can see and feel and that only motivates me more to continue.  I really enjoy going to the farmer’s markets on Saturday mornings shopping for great fresh produce and meeting new people.  Getting a good sweat on everyday for only a few minutes has given me more energy and makes me feel so much better.

If you are looking to make a change to feel better now is the time.  I promise you won’t regret it.  There will be times you may stray a little, but if you eat something a little naughty or skip your workout today there is always tomorrow.  As long as you feel better mentally and physically, that is all that matters.

If you have any suggestions or tips to help me along my way please let me know.  I know there are many articles and apps out there to help with managing a healthy diet and workout routine, so many it can get overwhelming.





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