Sporty Chic

I was inspired by Adore Me about doing a blog post of my athleisure must-haves this spring.

When working out, I have a few staple pieces that keep me feeling comfortable and looking sporty chic.

Sporty Chic

Black leggings are my number one go-to piece.  They are so easy to style, comfortable, and help my legs look long and lean.  Since I stay basic with my bottoms, I like to wear a tank with a cute message.  Tanks keep me cool during my workout and stylish.  For the bra I keep it comfortable, supportive and colorful.  Next is the most important part, the shoes.  You gotta make sure the shoes are stylin’ but don’t forget the importance of support and comfort.  I go for a black shoe, so it matches whatever I may be wearing that day, with a good arch for my feet.  With my shoes I like to wear low-cut thin socks.

Other than clothing, I always wear my fitbit to keep track of my exercise activity.  You would be amazed how many steps you can get in a hour Zumba class!  While working out you also have to stay hydrated, so I bring along my colorful Vera Bradley water bottle.

Not only do I wear athletic outfits similar to this to Zumba class, but I have also been known to be sporty chic while doing some grocery shopping.

Activewear is fun and very comfortable.  You can dress it up by adding some jewelry for those casual days out you just want to be comfortable.

I hope you have enjoyed this look into my athletic must haves for spring.  What are a few of yours?


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