Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm


This would definitely qualify as one of those “YouTube made me buy it” products.  I was watching Ingrid Nilsen’s video “5 Steps for Clear Skin”.  This product caught eye because it literally melted her makeup off her face!

I decided to go to my local Belk and get a sample last weekend to give it a try.  I wear a lot of eye makeup (especially mascara) and sometimes it is a struggle to get everything off without being too harsh.  When I saw Ingrid’s mascara literally melt off, I knew I needed to try this product.  I used the sample for about a week and I was very impressed.


The cleansing balm is a solid that changes to an oil when you rub it between your fingertips and face.  Although it changes into an oil, it does not feel heavy or greasy.  It leaves you face feeling clean and makeup free.  After I use this to get off all the makeup from the day, I use my Mary Kay TimeWise Cleansing Bar to clean my skin.


The product retails for $29.00.  This is costly, however I think this will last me several months.  I also looked for a drugstore comparison to try out as well.  My online search results brought up the Pixie Nourishing Cleansing Balm, but it retails for $20.00.  I also found that NYX has a Stripped Off Cleansing Balm for $14.00.  If this one is similar that would be a great price savings.  However, there is no retailer near me that sales this product for me to try.  For now I will stick with Clinique and see how long it lasts.  I am still hoarding up gift cards from Christmas, so I only had to pay 96 cents out of pocket for this one from Belk!

Have you tried a cleansing balm??


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