Glitter Eye Shadow….And Why I Don’t Wear It


I honestly only own two glitter eye shadows….one I bought on a whim years ago thinking it would be good for a New Year’s Eve look (that never happened) and the other was a free birthday gift from Ulta.

Don’t get me wrong, I see glitter looks on people in pictures, on television, and YouTube and love them.  But there is one fact about glitter, it gets everywhere!  And this is why I don’t wear glitter eye shadows.

I am a contact wearer and have had a history of corneal ulcers.  I have had three total. Although very treatable, they can be very dangerous if not treated immediately.  The cause of my ulcers was particles getting trapped under my contact against my eye (I never sleep in my contacts and always clean them).

This is my reason for not wearing glitter eye shadow.  I don’t think glitter caused any of my previous ulcers, but I don’t want it to be the reason for another!

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