The Meaning Behind My Wrist Tattoo


I have been wanting to get a tattoo to honor my furbabies for awhile.  My husband and I got our first dog after we had been married a little over a year.  He was my first dog ever and it didn’t take long for him to turn me into a dog person.  So at the end of January, I decided three small paws on my left wrist would be perfect.



Our first dog was Cartman, a Weimaraner and Black Lab mix.  And yep, you guessed it, his name did come from the show South Park.  My husband is a big fan.  He was such a smart and caring dog.  He and his siblings had been dropped off at a local convenience center.  A high school friend had found them and was finding homes for each one.  Cartman was the only boy of the litter.  The day we brought him home I was holding him in my lap and one of my favorite songs came on the radio.  As I started to sing, he started to howl.  I knew at that moment having a dog was going to be great.  Sadly, Cartman lost his battle with bone cancer two years ago this March.  It was one of the hardest days of my life.  But I cherish all the great memories we have with him.



Only a few weeks after we got Cartman, my husband surprised me with Chloe.  Chloe is a German Shepard mix.  We are not sure exactly what she is mixed with, but we think it may be a type of husky given the way she sheds.  My husband felt like Cartman needed a companion and I think he knew that I would be iffy about adopting another dog so soon.  He knew I wouldn’t be able to say no once he put her in my lap.  My husband saved Chloe from the local animal shelter.  I named Chloe after the character from Smallville, one of the best shows on the CW channel in my opinion.  I really miss that show.  As you can tell we were really into television shows at the time we got these babies…haha.  She turned 12 in December and has grown into a beautiful dog.  She still misses her boy, Cartman, but she has a little sister to keep her company.



Three years ago this June, we adopting a Pit Bull and Golden Retriever mix we call Cadence.  My husband is a drummer and was in the marching band when we met in high school.  My favorite part was when they would “cadence” on and off the field.  We knew we wanted to stick with our “c” theme, so it was perfect.  We adopted her from a local rescue organization.  I knew when I saw her picture online we needed to adopt her.  She is the smartest dog!  She already knew how to sit, lay down, and shake before we got her.  I tell my husband all the time that she can understand English.  From the stories we have been told, we think she came from an abusive home. Although you would not know it by her demeanor.  She is so sweet and loves people.

I love my new tattoo!  I have three other tattoos on my back and they are all of things I love and have a lot meaning to me.  I knew I wanted my first every day visible tattoo to be something small but with just as much meaning.  I don’t think I could have picked anything better!


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