My Nose Piercing Experience

I have wanted my nose pierced for a very long time, but hadn’t done it for several reasons.  One, I thought it would be way too painful.  Two, I wasn’t sure if it went against the rules where I work.  Three, my dad had asked me not too.

My friend, Hannah, and I had an appointment Monday for each of us to get tattoos.  We got our tattoos, which all turned out awesome, and then went out to eat.  While we were eating we started talking about piercings.  She said she would like to get her daith pierced and I told her I had always wanted to get my nose pierced.  Long story short, we went back to the tattoo shop after we finished eating.

I was nervous when I sat down in the chair, but not like I thought I would be.  Honestly, the actual piercing didn’t hurt that much.  My right eye only barely watered and not even enough for a tear.  But then things went wrong.  The jewelry got stuck on the needle and she could not get it off.  She tried a few times, but it wasn’t budging.  My nose started to bleed pretty bad, so she had take the needle out with the jewelry still on it.  Then she got a new needle and piece of jewelry and did it again.  This time it came off like it was supposed too.  She apologized a thousand times.  She told me this only happened once in a blue moon.  I told her if it was going to happen to anyone it would be me.  But even with the mishap, I would definitely do it again.  I love it!



So turns out getting my nose pierced didn’t hurt as bad as I thought, it isn’t against the rules where I work, and my dad although at first my have been a little disappointed agreed that is was small and okay.

I am so glad Hannah was there to give me the little extra push I needed and to hold my hand.


7 thoughts on “My Nose Piercing Experience

  1. Misty (Taylor) Mullins says:

    I think it looks great.. I got the Madonna done (or maybe it’s the Marilyn…lol) about 6 years ago and I love it.. The way I see it is if you like something why not try it. If you didn’t like it after it was done you could always take it out.

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