Visit to Virginia Tech


This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Virginia Tech.  My cousin, Emily, was in a honor band program there and I got to tag along.  High school students from different states were chosen to have the opportunity to audition to play in one of their four honor bands.


On Saturday Emily had rehearsal from 9 to 5, which gave me the whole day to do some sight seeing.  I took complete advantage of this and ended the day with 18,657 steps!

My favorite part of all was the buildings.  They use a limestone referred to as “hokie” stone.  It was as if I had traveled to London, England rather than Blacksburg, VA.  The atmosphere was historic and castle like.  I loved it!



Several people told me I should visit the duck pond on campus.  To get there I had to walk completely across campus, but it was worth it!  I have never seen so many ducks.  They were definitely not scared to being around people.  You can tell from the first picture I didn’t even have to zoom in, I just walked right up to them!



During my walk on campus I noticed the squirrels too.  Like the ducks, they didn’t seem to mind people either.  I caught a shot of this one getting ready to climb a tree.


Sunday was concert day.  It was held in the Moss Arts Center.  The theater was amazing!  I had never been in such a state of the art facility.  I got to set in the balcony and the view was awesome.  All the students did great and the concert was a real success!



Since I was out of town all weekend, I did not have time to get any blog posts together. However, I have a guest blogger lined up this week to help me out.  Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our weekend.  We both had a blast!


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