H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray


I first found out about the H2Ocean spray when I got my tragus pierced last year.  Unfortunately, I had to take my tragus earring out but I still like to keep this stuff around for my lobe piercings.  I have always had a lot of problems out of my ear piercings.  There was even a time that I could not wear earrings at all!

Since recently purchasing this product again, I have been wearing earrings even in my second lobe piercing.  I hadn’t been keeping this around all the time because the only place I knew to get it was from my local tattoo shop and it is $15 per bottle.  Although good stuff, for 4 oz I thought that was a little much.  So I would only get it when piercings were to a point I had to have it.

After Christmas I was looking on Amazon and found a 2 pack of 4 oz bottles for only $18.  That is only $9 a piece and a savings of $6 per bottle.

To apply I spray a q-tip and wipe my piercings as well as the earring before putting them in.  I leave my earrings in my second lobe piercings all the time, so I will take the q-tip and wipe around the front and back.  Then I also take them out at least once a week to clean the jewelry good.  I use it every morning and night, but do use it more if needed.

The H2Ocean is a purified ocean salt water spray.  The ingredients include purified water, sea salt, lysozyme, and sodium citrate.  You can apply the solution 3 to 6 times a day as needed.  It is made especially to cleanse and help new body piercings to heal.  But it also works well for me to keep my piercings clean and free from any infection or irritation.

What do you use?  Have you ever used this product?  If so, what did you think?




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