Shea Moisture Argan Oil


Every since I received the Josie Maran 100 percent Argan Oil Light in one of my Allure beauty boxes, I have been hooked on using facial oil.  The only problem was the price of the Josie Maran at $16 for a 0.5 oz bottle.

Ever since I finished this sample, I have been on the lookout for a more affordable option.  I had mentioned the Shea Moisture brand as an option in my previous post here.  However, then I had found it on the GNC website but my local store did not have it in stock.  But to my surprise I found this exact product at Ulta this past weekend.  I had no idea they carried this brand.  I have had a great experience with the  African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask.  I use it at least twice a week and it helps keep my breakouts to a minimum.  Click here to read more about this mask.  This was a new Ulta store that had just opened not long ago and they actually had a whole section of Shea Moisture products from skin care to makeup.  I am curious to try some of their makeup products too.

The cost of the Shea Moisture Argan Oil at Ulta is comparable to GNC at $8.99.  I only paid a total of $3.13 for my bottle after my store coupon and cashing in my points!


My biggest concern with another brand was the way the oil would soak into the skin and whether it would feel heavy.  Since the Josie Maran sample I had was the light formula, I wasn’t sure if it would make a big difference.  I have been using the Shea Moisture everyday since I bought it on Saturday and really cannot tell a big difference.  The formula does feel a little thicker than the Josie Maran, but it still soaks into the skin well and I don’t find it to feel heavy.  I use one to two pumps, depending on if I mix it with my moisturizing lotion.

This product is also good for your hair and cuticles.  I am so glad I found this at Ulta for a great price!  Especially since it is wintertime and my skin, hair, and nails can use all the extra moisture they can get.

Do you use a facial oil in your normal routine?  If so, what is your favorite?


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