Mary Kay Satin Lips


Winter is so hard on your skin, but it is especially hard on my lips.  Every year I experience chapped lips to the point it looks like I have red lip liner on but no lipstick.  I purchased the Mary Kay Satin Lips at the end of November when I attended a Mary Kay Friend and Family Shopping Night.  Since I had received a facial earlier in the month, I was given $5 in Mary Kay cash to spend plus 15% off.  You can see more about my facial here.

The Mary Kay Satin Lip set retails for $22.  It is a two step system with a shea sugar scrub and shea butter balm to apply afterwards to hydrate.  I really enjoy this product.  As a matter of fact, I like the shea butter balm so much I wish they sold it separately.  I would love to carry this with me in my purse but don’t want to separate the set.  I just know that I would end up losing it.

Since adding this to my routine, I have not had the evil red lip liner chapped lips yet!  I use this in my nightly routine several nights a week.  It feels so refreshing and the shea butter balm feels so silky.  The white tea and citrus flavor smells great.  And even though you are not supposed to eat it, it tastes good too!

Here is what my lips currently look like without lipstick.


They feel soft and smooth which is great for my current matte lipstick addiction.  We all know how drying matte lipsticks can be and that has been mostly all I wear lately.

Does anyone else use a lip sugar scrub in the normal routine?  If so, what do you use?


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