Wet n Wild Color Correcting Palette

I have seen several YouTube tutorials on how to use color correcting palettes.  I had always wanted to try one to help conceal the darkness under my eyes and any blemishes or redness I have at the time.  When I saw this Wet n Wild correction palette at Walmart and decided to pick it up.  The price was very reasonable at around $4.


Unfortunately, I am not impressed with this palette or coloring correcting.  I don’t know if it is my lack of knowledge or that this palette itself is not good quality.  I used it several times and for the extra time it took to apply I just didn’t see a big difference.  I felt like my liquid concealer did just as good on it’s own.


I used the yellow for the darkness under my eyes, the green for any redness from blemishes, and the white to highlight areas.  I found it hard to blend out with a beauty blender or brush.  Since this palette of concealers is the consistency of a very thick cream, I also felt like it was very heavy under my makeup.


For me this product just did not work.

Does anyone use color correcting often?  If so, what do you use?


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