Half Up Messy Bun

I wear my hair the same every single day, down and curled.  The only time I ever wear my hair up is for Zumba class.  I have been wanting to play around with different looks, but when it comes down to it I usually choose sleep in the morning instead.

I read a blog post earlier this week by Emma on a step by step tutorial on how to do a messy bun.   I really like this look, especially since it doesn’t have to be perfect.  I thought I would give it a try yesterday morning for a change.  However, my hair isn’t long enough in the back to do a full up-do.  Here is my variation of a half up look for slightly shorter hair.


topknotbackedit(Got to hide those bobby pins a little better next time…haha) 


I really like this look and we definitely wear it again!  This makes me want to search Pinterest for some more up-dos I can try.

Anyone have any suggestions for more styles I could try to get me out of my hairstyle rut?


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