Favorite OOTW: American Eagle Love


I am lucky enough to work in a department that lets us have “jean day” every Friday.  I absolutely love jeans, especially American Eagle jeans.  This Friday I was decked out in American Eagle from head to toe!


I got this sweater last year on clearance after the seasons had changed.  I hadn’t gotten to wear it until recently, it is so comfy and warm.  My favorite jeans of all time are the dark wash skinny jeans.  I got my boots online last year after Christmas on clearance and wear them constantly.  The are so warm and easy to slip on.  I sprayed them with some Scotchgard to help prevent stains and keep my feet dry.

My cousin is in her high school marching band and she has four parades this weekend.  This outfit is so warm that it, plus my big puffy coat and American Eagle toboggan, has been my parade outfit for the entire weekend.   I got the toboggan in my after Christmas online shopping spree last year too.  I can’t wait to see what great deals they are going to have this year!


I think it is safe to say that American Eagle is my favorite brand.  It can be be expensive, but if you watch the clearance section and watch for sales like their BOGO on jeans, you can save a lot.

What is your favorite clothing brand?  Are you an American Eagle fan?



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