Tip to Keeping Those Eyelashes Curled


I have to say that mascara is my least favorite step when putting on makeup.  The main reason is because I usually always get it on my eyelid messing up my shadow.

I have very straight eyelashes and have to curl them before applying mascara.  I had noticed that they would look great at first, but then seemed to loose their curl after drying and fixing my hair.  I decided one morning to wait until after I had dried my hair to curl and apply mascara.  I could be crazy, but I do believe it makes a difference!  I think the hot air from the blow dryer right after applying my mascara (it is the very last step in my makeup routine) was causing my eyelashes to loose their curl.

Since realizing this in the past week or so, I have been applying my mascara after I have completely dried and styled my hair.  The only draw back is this morning I got distracted and completely forgot to apply any at all.

Do you have any tips for applying mascara?  What mascara do you find holds curl the best?


2 thoughts on “Tip to Keeping Those Eyelashes Curled

  1. Mama2 says:

    If I wash my hair in the morning I always apply my makeup after drying my hair. I use a variety of mascara but I like Loreal with the super slender brush. I have bought $30 mascara and $10 mascara…for me the cheap $10 works best ….and I buy new mascara monthly.

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    • beautyonabudget123 says:

      I have never been able to bring myself to purchase a high end mascara yet. The one in the picture is a sample size I got for free, although I do like the wand. I always go for the drugstore brands too! But I am not the best at getting a new one each month like I should.


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