Black Friday Shopping Extravaganza!

Hey guys!!  Although I hadn’t been able to go the past couple of years, my husband had surgery two years ago and then my brother-in-law got married last year, it is tradition that my mom, cousin Bobbi, and I go Black Friday shopping together.  I finally got to go again with them this year and I was so excited!

However, I noticed one big change since my last trip.  I didn’t realize how early the stores begin their “Black Friday” sales on Thursday, Thanksgiving day.  I find this crazy!!  I actually felt bad for starting our shopping on Thursday evening because, although we had already had time with our families, some of these people may not have been given that option.  I honestly apologized to several cashier’s as they checked us out.  I know that stores are in it for a profit and want to make money, but I think that allowing “Black Friday” to creep into Thanksgiving is wrong.  As someone who once worked in retail and on Black Friday, companies need to let people spend time with family on Thanksgiving.  As a employee you dread Black Friday enough without it taking away from time with your family and friends.

Please don’t think I am being a hypocrite since we actually did leave to start shopping on Thursday.  I truly wish we would go back to Black Friday shopping being actually on Friday.  If I knew how to make this change, believe me I would.  Whether we leave on Thursday or Friday, we have a blast shopping and spending time together.


We headed out to start our shopping extravaganza at 5:30 on Thursday evening.  I had already done a lot of shopping online, but I did have some people left on our list.  By leaving at 5:30 we actually missed out on being there when the stores opened, which I thought helped.  There were no super long lines to wait in and most of the items we were looking for were still there.

After shopping for awhile it was time for some food!  By this time it was midnight and we had been to Target, Michael’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Ulta, Kirklands, and Belk.  We could only find two places open to eat and that was McDonald’s and IHOP.  You literally could not get near IHOP, so McDonald’s it was.  It turned out to be a good choice, the food was really fast and the chicken nuggets hit the spot.


Now here was something else I noticed with this new sales schedule that stores have created by creeping into Thanksgiving, lag time.  There was a lag time now between the Thursday sales ending and the actual Black Friday sales beginning.  When everything started on Black Friday this was never a problem.  We decided to hit the mall to see what would be open.  We went to Bath and Body Works first and got great deals there.  Next we found out to our surprise that J.C. Penny was open all night long!  We shopped in there for a long time and they actually had some of the best prices of anywhere we went the whole time.  As a matter of fact we would return at 6 AM for the coupons they were giving out to start their Black Friday sales.

Now the time is about 4:30 AM.  We had sort of been locked in J.C. Penny.  I say sort of because they had locked the entrance to the store from the mall but you could still leave through the doors leading outside.  Our problem was we had entered through the mall and our car was parked downstairs, J.C. Penny’s was upstairs.  So the only way to get to our car was to leave the store and walk around the mall on the outside.  I have to admit that at 4:30 in the morning, this will not give you the warm and fuzzies.  But after having some Bath and Body Works bag fall off of our cart numerous times and chasing lotions down the parking lot, it turned out memorable.

Next stop was Kohl’s.  We were actually surprised to find them open already and decided against the nap we were going to take in the parking lot.  But no naps meant it was time for a pick me up.  I don’t drink caffeine and was afraid to this trip, although I needed it, so I relied on sugar to keep me going.  We stopped by Starbucks in the neighboring Target, but unfortunately their espresso machine did not survive the Black Friday crowds and was broken.  So we opted for a icee from Target’s food counter.


Now it was time to go back to the mall and get our J.C. Penny coupons.  We each got a $10 off a $10 purchase so we felt like it was worth the trip back.  I knocked a few more peeps off my list so I was excited.  We left there and made a few more stops in the mall before leaving again.  By this time it was going on about 7:00 AM, so it was time for another sugary pick me up.  This time Krispy Kreme!


We stopped at Home Depot, Lane Bryant, K-Mart, and Best Buy before heading home.  I got home around noon on Friday.  We shopped for 18.5 hours!!!  We are insane!  The last year I went I think we had only hit 14 hours, so I am not for sure but I think this may be our record. We had a great time.  All three of us never get to go shopping together, so we always enjoy our Black Friday trip each year.

I wish I could say I had everyone on my list marked off, but I don’t.  But I don’t have many to go and I will be done.  After sleeping most of yesterday and a lot of this morning, I think I will spend today wrapping presents and taking it easy.  Maybe tomorrow my hubby and I can get our outside decorations out.

For those readers in the U.S., I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and got to spend time with your loved ones!  If anyone went Black Friday shopping I hope you had as great of a time as I did and got what you needed on your list.  Now on to weekend online deals and Cyber Monday!





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