Tis’ the Season to Decorate

While I am off this week I wanted to go ahead and decorate for Christmas.  I know it may seem a little early since it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but I wanted to do it while I could take my time and not have to do it all in one weekend.

I don’t do a whole lot of decorating inside.  I learned a long time ago that the more I put out, the more I have to put up after the holidays.  So, I usually only decorate my mantel and put up our tree in the living room.  However, I did buy this towel to hang on the stove too!


We have a pencil tree because even though our living room is fairly a good size, it has an awkward layout with built in shelves on each side and the brick fireplace.  I love to put my tree in front of the window so it can be seen from the outside.  Our furniture layout has finally allowed me to do that the past two years.  I just have to move my desk into the extra bedroom to make room.


Back before we were married I started buying my husband an ornament every year.  It is usually something from a movie, TV show, or sports.  After we got married I got smart and started buying the ornaments after Christmas for 75% off or more for the next year.  Here are the new ornaments I got for us after Christmas last year.


Here are a few of my favorite ones I have gotten for him over the years:


This year I downsized and didn’t put out as much on the mantel, less is more right?


I did want to add some tree cones on the hearth, but didn’t want to spend $10 a piece for them.  So I found some instructions on Pinterest making them using poster board.  I am not sure if it was me or the instructions, but I had to tweek them a little.  I think they turned out okay even though they may not set exactly straight.  I used some fabric, burlap, and other things I already had to decorate each cone.


I had a helper when I started, but she quickly gave out and opted to take a nap instead.


We are going to wait till this weekend after Thanksgiving to put up our outside decorations.  I love seeing the lights on houses in our neighborhood.

Has anyone else put up their decorations yet?





4 thoughts on “Tis’ the Season to Decorate

  1. Mack says:

    So so cute!!! Especially that pup 😉 We haven’t put up our decorations yet, and I don’t know that we will! We are about to travel, but I am torn between having the Christmas decoration experience, but not having time to enjoy them vs. just not doing it at all and missing out on that crucial part of the Holidays!!!! Dilemmas, I tell ya! Happy holidays 🙂

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