Mary Kay Facial

Last Monday my cousin Bobbi and I had a Mary Kay facial.  I met Tara, the sweetest Mary Kay representative, this summer.  Not only does she have a contagious bubbly personality, she does not pressure you to purchase products.  As a matter of fact, after our facial she told us that if we wanted to purchase anything it might be better to wait until November 28th. She is hosting a Friends and Family Shopping Night were she will be having door prizes and a wheel to spin to land on different offers.  Plus we have earned Mary Kay cash since we had a facial!

We got to try many different products from skin care all the way to finishing spray.




One product that stuck out in my mind was the gel eyeliner.  When I saw the brush I was skeptical.  I just knew I was going to make a mess and would have to start all over.  But to my surprise it glided on my eye effortlessly and I even did a wing!  You know I love my e.l.f. liquid eyeliner, but I would rank this right up there as well.  I had never tried a gel before because I always thought it would be too hard.  I was wrong!  One thing I did noticed is that the gel gives you softer line than the liquid.  I liked this because it is a little more forgiving than the harsh liquid line can be.


We had a great time trying the different products and having a girls evening.  I can’t wait to see all the goodies Tara has for us to look at on the 28th!



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