Favorite OOTW

If I am having a good outfit day I feel like I can conquer the world, or at list mark a few more things off my list at work.

Here are a few of my “feeling confident” outfits of this week:


This entire outfit, even down to the boots, came from Peebles.  I used to work here years ago, so I shop there quite a bit.  Plus they always usually have great coupons!

Top – Wishful Park

Pants – Celebrity Pink

Boots – I honestly don’t know the brand. I have had them so long the brand name has rubbed off.



This was the most comfortable outfit all week!  I am usually not one to mix and match different patterns, but I decided to get out of my comfort zone.  I think it worked.  This is one of my absolute favorite scarfs.  One of the best things about it, I got it on clearance for $5!

Infinity Scarf – Charming Charlie

Cardigan – Worthington

Top – Rue 21

Leggings – No idea!  They are really more like really thick tights and I have had them forever.

Boots – I don’t know the name brand of these either.  But I got them a couple of Black Fridays ago from Payless shoe store.


As of yesterday, I am officially on vacation until after Thanksgiving!  I will be wearing a lot of lounge wear the next few days while decorating for Christmas and enjoying some time off.  Then it will be time for Thanksgiving Day and then Black Friday!  I haven’t been Black Friday shopping a couple of years so I am excited.

Anyone else going Black Friday shopping?




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