Blending Eye Shadow Brush Match Up: MAC, Morphe, & CoastalScents


I have a friend that swears by MAC makeup brushes.  So as one of my birthday splurges I picked up the 217 blending brush.  You can read more about the rest of my birthday splurges here.

Although the MAC 217 is an amazing brush, it has a steep price tag at $20.  I wanted to compare a couple other blending brushes that at first glance look to be exactly the same.  These are the Morphe M433 and the CoastalScents BR-250.


The MAC 217 is an awesome brush.  The bristles are the softest I have ever felt and it blends effortlessly.  Not only are the bristles soft, but as you can see in the photo there are a lot of bristles in this brush to make it thick.  Of all three, this is the thickest brush.


The Morphe M433 brush is a great alternative to the 217.  It’s bristles are also very soft and it blends shadows well.  And at a price of $5.99, it is a lot more budget friendly.  Although, as you can see the bristles are not as thick compared to the MAC or CoastalScents.


The CoastalScents brush works well too.  But the bristles aren’t quite as soft as the 217 or Morphe, but it does blend well.  Of the two, this brush is closest to the thickness of the MAC.

After using all three of these brushes for a couple of weeks, I would pick the Morphe M433 as the winner.  Although the bristles aren’t quite as soft as the MAC or as thick, it is so close that given the price difference this brush would be the way to go in my opinion.  I am choosing the Morphe over the CoastalScents because I thought the bristles felt softer and more comfortable on my eye lid.  Either of the more affordable options would be a great asset in anyone’s brush collection!

As for the MAC 217, it is great.  But for me I just can’t justify that price after using these two more affordable options.  That being said, for this to be my first MAC purchase I think I did well.  This will be something I will keep and use for years to come.

What is your favorite eye shadow blending brush?





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