What a Difference a Year can Make(up)!

Back in September I published a post about My Makeup Story.  Here I talked about how my makeup journey has been so far.

In the picture below you can see how much my makeup has changed in just a year!  Last year, my cousin and I had our picture taken for a Christmas gift for my mom (top picture).  We had them taken again this year (bottom picture).  I didn’t notice until my friend pointed it out, but you can definitely tell how much my makeup has changed.  You can also tell how much Emily’s has changed as well.  She did her makeup both years, except for I did her eye makeup this year.  Eye makeup is my favorite!


I have learned most of what I know from watching YouTube videos.  Makeup tutorials are one of my favorites to watch.  Practice has helped a lot too.  Now instead of using the same routine every single day, I will switch it up and play with the colors to coordinate it to my outfits.  I am by far a professional and don’t claim to be at all.  I just enjoy playing around with different looks.

Can I just say I can’t believe how much Emily has grown in a year!?!  It is true that if you see someone a lot you don’t notice the change.  I knew she had changed, but it wasn’t until I made the collage above that I realized how much.  She has grown into a young lady right in front of me and I didn’t know even it!

To fill you in, Emily is my first cousin but she is really more like a little sister to me.  When she was born her parents both worked the night shift so my parents kept her a lot.  We are very close and she is a big part of my life.  She also loves makeup and trying different looks.  We normally always play in makeup anytime she comes to stay with me.

My first makeup goal I had set for myself was to learn how to do a wing liner.  After I found the e.l.f. liquid liner, I have succeeded (for the most part) with that.  You can read about my love for this liquid liner here, it literally changed everything!  Since I have checked that off my list, now I would like to conquer the smokey eye.

Do you have any makeup goals you are currently working on?





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