Clinique Pop Matte Lip Colour + Primer Review


I received a birthday coupon from Peebles for $10 off.   Since this coupon would work on makeup, of course I went in with the intention of buying some lipstick.  I also had another $5 coupon I had earned that would work on cosmetics too!  Even though I had two this trip, these coupons are fairly rare.

I decided to try the new lipstick from Clinique, the Pop Matte Lip Colour + Primer.  I got the shade Blushing Pop, which is a great nude shade.


This lipstick is supposed to last 8 hours.  It also has a primer built in to help the lipstick to glide on and smooth the lips.  From my experience it does last a long time.  I usually only reapply once a day and sometimes I really don’t need it but do anyway.  The formula is very creamy and comfortable on the lips.  Although it is matte, it isn’t drying at all.  I have basically been wearing this almost everyday since I got it.  It is a great everyday color.


This lipstick retails for $18.50.  After my coupons, I only gave $3.50 for it before tax.  Heck yeah!  I really like this lipstick a lot, but I don’t know about the price tag.  But I have only ever given this much for one other lipstick in my life.  But next time I get another coupon that works, I will be buying another one of these!


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