Happy Halloween!

I started out today dressed as a M&M for work.  All of my co-workers and I dressed up as different color M&Ms and our boss dressed up as the bag of M&Ms.  We were all super shocked when he agreed to do it!  My friend, Steph (picture below), jokingly asked him one day and when he agreed we took off with it before he could change his mind.  I would have loved to include the picture of all of us, but I am not sure that would be okay with everyone.  All together there was 15 M&Ms!



My husband and I don’t get trick or treaters at our house, so we usually go to my mom and dad’s to see my family and their neighbors’ kids.  I love to dress up so I will use any excuse to do so.  My hubby got me a Harley Quinn shirt awhile back so I ran with it. However since I am too cheap to spend 20 bucks on a wig that I will only wear once, I am a brunette version.


Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


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