Going From Day to Night

Last week I was contacted by a Community Coordinator from AUrate New York.  I had never heard of this company before but found they are located in New York City and make handcrafted gold jewelry.  This month they are featuring their beautiful gold necklaces.  According to their site the smaller pieces are made of 18k or 14k gold.  Their larger fashion statement pieces are 14k gold plated of sterling silver.

I was asked if I would create a mood board showing the perfect day to night outfit inspiration.  Here are the outfits and accessories I decided on, I went for a laid back day look that I transformed into a sexy date night look.  The base for each outfit is a simple black and white top and black straight leg pants.  I went with a simple pieces in basic colors that would be easy to dress up or down.



Day Look

This day inspired outfit would be something I would wear while shopping and hanging out with friends.

The simple black and white striped top is paired with some black straight leg pants.  The pants have three silver buttons on them, which I thought added some character.  Then, I went with a comfortable high top shoe to offset the straight leg.

I choose to accessorize it with simple black stud earrings, a rope bracelet with silver accents, a fitness band to count my step while shopping, and an easy to carry backpack style purse.

I think this is a super comfortable outfit for a day of shopping. All the pieces are very simple, but when together it makes for a stylish look.

For makeup, I would do a natural look and pair it with a pink lip for a pop of color.  I would go with a neutral eye and light foundation with a touch of blush for some color in the cheeks.

Night Look

This night look would be an outfit I would wear to meet my husband for a nice dinner after a day of shopping with friends.

I transformed the same simple black and white top and straight legged pants into a sexy look for a late night dinner.  A leather jacket adds sexiness with flattering straight lines that hug the torso.  Classic black high heels lengthen the leg and pair great with the black straight leg pants.

I choose more sophisticated jewelry for this look , all silver to tie in with the buttons on the pants and any hardware on the leather jacket.  The big diamond earrings, silver diamond bracelet, silver bar necklace, and silver watch add bling to make the outfit more dressy.  I choose a black and white purse to finish off the accessories.

I would darken up my earlier natural makeup with a smokey eye.  I would also add some contour and highlight for the night.  For lips, I would go with a nude color since I would do a dark smokey eye.


I hope you enjoyed my day to night look inspiration.  I really enjoyed writing this blog.  I am so glad that AUrate New York contacted me.  Otherwise, I don’t know that I would have thought do a post like this.

What do you think about these different looks?  Does anyone have any other tips for turning a day outfit into a night look?






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