I Won!!


Every October the town I live in has a fall fling.  People come from all around for the food, crafts, and fellowship.  There are also several contests to enter, one of those being a photography contest.  I have entered in the past and placed, but this year I won!!


Meet Duke!  I met him a couple of weeks ago at my brother-in-law’s apartment.  He belongs to my sister-in-law’s parents.  I couldn’t get over how cute and sweet he was.  He is definitely a laid back pup, I followed him around taking a zillion photos and he could have cared less.  I titled this photo, “Welcome Home”.  I didn’t have my DSLR camera with me that day, so I took this photo with my phone!  I have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (since my new Note 7 could possibly spontaneously combust, I thought it best to take Samsung up on their offer and switch it out).  The S7 Edge takes amazing photos and has practically the same camera that was in the Note7, without the fire hazard.  I also edited the photo on my phone using the app Snapseed.


This is Maggie.  I took her photos not too long ago for her 2nd birthday. (You can read about how I know Maggie and some of her photos here!)  This is one of my favorites so I decided to enter it too.  This photo placed third in the same category, People/Pets.  I just simply titled it, “Maggie”.  This photo was taken with my Nikon D3100.  I used a mixture of Gimp and PicMonkey to edit.

Now for the big decision…should I hang these photos and ribbons in my home or in my office?



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