Clear Eyebrow Gel: Drugstore vs High End


As you may have noticed from my pictures, I have rather thick and dark eyebrows.  I have only attempted to shape and fill them in once, which was an epic fail.  In the past few months I decided to try a clear brow gel to keep them in place without adding additional thickness to them.

I have tried three different brow gels so far.  I purchased two drugstore options, one by e.l.f. and the other by NYX.  It was so ironic that after I decided to give brow gel a try, I received a sample size of the Anastasia Beverly Hills gel in my first Sephora Play! box.


I purchased the e.l.f. gel first at my local Walmart for $2.  This product has two sides, one for eyebrows and the other for eyelashes.  However, I am pretty sure it is the same thing.  I used this for a few weeks.  But as you can see the gel turned white and clumped together sticking to the spoolie in the tube.  As for the use on my brows, the product did not last long.  I could tell when I first applied it in the mornings, but by lunch I couldn’t tell I had put anything on.  I had high hopes for this product since I love their eyeliner so much, but I would not recommend the eyebrow/eyelash gel.


I picked up the NYX Control Freak eyebrow gel at Ulta for $5.99.  So far this has been a much better drugstore option.  It hasn’t clumped up like the e.l.f. brand did.  I have to use several of applications to build the product, but it does keep my brows in place throughout the day.


Of course the Anastasia Beverly Hills is going to be great.  This is my first experience with anything from this brand.  I received this sample size in my first Sephora Play! box in September.  You can check out the other products I received in this box by clicking here!  This brow gel does last all day and even into the night.  I have been having some late nights the past few weekends with band festivals every Saturday.  When I take my makeup off at night my brows are still in place and you can still feel the hold of the gel in my brow.  At $22, the only bad thing about this product is the price.

I don’t know if I can justify paying $22 for the Anastasia if the NYX does well enough for normal day wear.  I am going to see how long this sample size lasts and decide on if I want to take the plunge later.  The NYX and Anastasia are almost identical in size, but the price savings with the NYX is significant.

What are some of your favorite eyebrow gels?  Do you use clear?  What do you use in your eyebrow routine, especially those with thick and dark brows?


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