Fall Decor: Painted Pumpkin

This weekend has gone by quick, with a football game Friday night and a band festival all day yesterday.  My cousin is in the marching band at her high school and we love marching band at my house.  As a matter of fact our dog, Cadence, is named after the music the percussion plays when the band coming on and off the field.

Today was going to be my catch up day for housework, but I found some time to paint a pumpkin to put outside with my mums.  The weather these past few days has been so cool and I am so excited for fall.  My husband and I will carve a pumpkin closer to Halloween, but until then I always like to paint a pumpkin too.


This year I decided to go with “hello FALL”.  I looked on Pinterest and just couldn’t find anything I really liked so I decided to wing it.  I used white and spiced berry paint to make the random dots.  Then once those dried I used a pencil to outline the word “fall” where I wanted it.  I then used a black paint marker I had gotten in the craft section at Walmart to follow the outline I had made.  Next I took a brush and went over the marker with black paint to make it thicker.  Believe or not I actually free handed the “hello” at the top.  I am pretty proud I did that, being left handed I have to be so careful not to smear the marker or paint.  I didn’t want this to be as thick, so I used the same paint marker to free hand and then used a thinner brush to go over it with a little bit of black paint.  Last, I simply tied on some ribbon to the stem and wallah!

Hope you enjoyed a little look into my weekend.  Now it is time to start getting ready to start the work week.  Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


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