Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio & Acqua di Gioia

A few months ago I got a 20% coupon to Belk that worked on cologne and perfume.  It had been a long time since either of us had bought a high end smell for ourselves.  I had been wearing body sprays from Bath and Body Works and my husband had been using Old Spice. So I decided to take advantage of this coupon since they are a rarity.

I got him a bottle of his signature scent, Acqua Di Gio.  Since I love the men’s so much, I decided to try out the Acqua di Gioia.


This is by far my absolute favorite cologne!  It is not too strong and smells light, fresh, and clean.  The description says it has citrus notes along with woody notes of oak moss, satinwood, and amber.  The scent lasts all day and you can even smell it on his shirts the next day!

The smell of the women’s is much like the men’s with a light and clean smell minus the masculine notes.  According to the description the notes include a mojito-inspired blend of crushed mint leaves warmed by brown sugar and missed with zest of Italian Limone.  It also includes feminine floral notes of Jasmine, Peony and traces of pink pepper, along with woody notes of cedar wood and Labdanum.

I really do like the smell of this perfume, however, I am disappointed in it’s intensity and ability to last.  I feel like you can smell it when I first put it on in the mornings but then it dissipates quickly.  I use three to four sprays each morning.  I don’t notice the smell on my clothes the next day either like I do the men’s version.

The men’s is and has been a repurchase for us.  A couple of sprays is all he needs to smell amazing all day.  However, I probably will not repurchase mine.  I don’t want a perfume to be too strong, but I do want it to last all day and I don’t feel this does that.

Leave me a comment ….I would love to know your favorite perfume or cologne!




3 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio & Acqua di Gioia

    • beautyonabudget123 says:

      I really do enjoy the smell too!! But my husband says he doesn’t smell it on me after awhile. 😦 Have you smelled the Giorgio Armani Si? I really like it but it was more expensive and I couldn’t bring myself to buy it….even with the coupon!


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