How I Wash my Makeup Brushes

I have a confession to make.  I try to wash my makeup brushes at least every two weeks, but sometimes I forget.  I normally can tell time has gotten away from me when my face starts breaking out.  Then I immediately think, “Oh crap, when was the last time I washed my brushes?!?”

I found this method on YouTube about 5 months ago and thought I would share it.  I think it works really well and gets my brushes very clean!  Here are the household items I use:


Dawn dish detergent

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A kitchen mitt

A plate or bowl

2 hand towels

In the bowl, I put in equal parts Dawn and olive oil.

I then dip the brush in this solution, being sure to get both ingredients.  I wet the brush and begin to swirl it on my kitchen mitt. This kitchen mitt is a silicone mitt with raised bubbles on each side.  I wasn’t really using it in the kitchen and thought it would work perfect for cleaning my brushes!  Of course, they do make mitts especially for washing brushes.  I just figured why not go ahead and use this and save some money!


I normally start with my big brushes first; my foundation brush, blush brush, contour brush, etc.  Then I will move onto my eye shadow brushes. After I clean each brush I will use one towel to dry off the bristles as best I can.  Then I lay the brush on the other towel to finish drying overnight.


If there is anything left in the dish, I will simply just put it in the dishwasher as a little extra dish detergent for the next wash.

Although the olive oil can be expensive, I think this way it really cost effective.  It doesn’t take too much, so large bottles of each will last you a very long time.  (Side note: I have had this bottle of Dawn for a while and used it for wayyyy more than just my brushes.)

Does anyone else use this method?  If not, what do you use to wash your brushes?


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