Zumba: A Workout Disguised as a Dance Party!


I have been going to Zumba class for almost a year now!  This is the longest I have EVER stuck with a workout routine of any kind.  I attend at my local wellness center and they offer three classes a week.  I try to go at least twice a week, but I would go everyday if I could!  This is the only workout that I have ever done that I am actually sad when class is over.  I even hesitate to refer to it as a workout because I really don’t think of it that way…it’s a dance party!

My instructor is the best and does such a great job keeping all of us motivated.  She incorporates current music with the traditional Latin songs.  Each class is an hour and we definitely shake our booty.  She always tells us as long as we are moving we are burning calories and that is what matters.  There is no pressure to get the choreography right.  She feels like if we leave with a red face and sweaty, she has done her job.  And believe me, everyone leaves this way!

For me Zumba is my time, my time to let everything go and have no worries for an hour. This list of 10 reasons to do Zumba is spot on!

10 reasonszumba

I am still working on my confidence on the dance floor.  I have gotten so much better, but I am still awkward at times.  But the best thing is, it doesn’t matter!  Zumba has taught me to let go and not worry about what others think and do my thing.  It is so much more fun when you just let go.  And believe me, no one really has time to watch you.  They are too busy watching the instructor!

A few of my favorite songs at the moment are Beyonce “Move Your Body”, Daddy Yankee “Shaky Shaky”, Armando & Heidy “My Check”, and Sia “Cheap Thrills”.

I found this meme that is so me and also applies to setting at my desk at work!!

car zumba

If you haven’t tried it and have a class close to you, you should give it a try.  I promise you won’t regret it!  If you have taken a class, I would love to know what you think.




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