bareMinerals….My Summertime Foundation

It’s summertime!!  For me that means dresses, grilled food, flowers, and most importantly a lightweight foundation.  In the summer, I want a foundation that will not be heavy on my skin but evens out my skin tone.  My go to is from bareMinerals.  I first tried this combo last year and have went back to it again this year.


The Prime Time BB Primer Cream is great!  It can be used with a powder foundation or on its own.  It has a somewhat thick consistency, but goes on smooth and easily without being heavy.  I just apply a thin layer using my fingers.  I also put it on my eyelids for my eye shadow primer as well!

On top of this, I use the bareMinerals READY SPF 20 powder foundation.  This gives me a little more coverage without being too heavy.  I use the “heavenly face” brush to apply, which works perfectly.  With this flat brush, I just press the powder onto my skin.

This duo wears well all day.  I am horrible at reapplying powder throughout the day….to be honest, I don’t!

The total cost of this foundation makeup is $54.50, which is on the high side.  The BB primer cream retails for $26.00, while the READY foundation powder is $29.50.  However, for me these products are worth the price for several reasons; it gives me the lightweight feel and look I am going for in the summer, it lasts well throughout the day without reapplying, and product itself lasts well too so that I don’t have to repurchase often.  The brush retails for $30.00 online.  I purchased mine last year from a local salon that was running a special if you traded in an old bareMinerals brush.  I can’t remember exactly how much I paid with the discount, but it washes well and should last a long time.

If you have a favorite summertime foundation I would love to know what it is.



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